Rosé lovers can rejoice, there is a brand new taste sensation coming this Summer from two of Dorset’s leading food producers: Sea Pink Rosé Sorbet! The best of both worlds, customers can now enjoy the great taste of rosé in sorbet form.

Rosé is being hailed by Forbes and the Guardian as being the drink of the summer, having surged in popularity over recent years. So, this new sorbet flavour from Baboo Gelato, a cult Dorset brand, is set to be the new big thing this summer. The team at Baboo Gelato have joined forces with the award-winning wine producer, Furleigh Estate, the champion of the UK’s burgeoning fine wine industry to produce this sensational new sorbet.

Pretty stellar in it’s own right, Furleigh Estate’s delectable Sea Pink Rosé is a dry, still wine that is packed with floral scents and ripe summer fruits and now combined with Baboo Gelato’s sorbet making expertise, it works beautifully as a delightfully pink, palate cleansing sorbet.

The new sorbet flavour is available now from selected farm shops in the south west in 500ml pots. Trade clients are also able to pick up catering sized containers, get in touch with them to find out more.

Baboo Gelato’s founder, Annie Hanbury, a Bologna-trained gelatiere has revealed her serving suggestions for the new flavour. She says for the best possible, refreshing snack or dessert, pair the Sea Pink Rosé Sorbet with summer berries, ripe peaches or melon. Or if you prefer it plain, serve it with an almond biscotti.

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