Cerne Abbas Brewery

Cerne Abbas Brewery is a micro-brewery, brewing outstanding beer in the beautiful Cerne Valley in Dorset.
The beer is brewed using green sand-filtered water of the finest quality, Maris Otter barley which is organically grown in the Cerne Valley by Will Best at Manor Farm along with other top-quality ingredients. No chemicals are used.
At Cerne Abbas Brewery, everyone aims to produce the finest ales possible. The Cerne Valley is the original home of British Brewing and the team at Cerne Abbas Brewery and follows a tradition of brewing that originated with Aethelmaer the Stout and his monks when they founded the abbey back in 987.
These days, the brewery continues to use traditional methods with the very best local ingredients. The green sand geology of the area makes the water supremely ideal for beer making. The history of Cerne Abbas’ brewery along with the notorious chalk giant provides the brewery with a strong pedigree and instantly identifiable product.
There are several beer varieties available including Ginger Fox, which has over 30kg of fresh root ginger added during the brewing process and the Watercress Warrior, made from the very best UK watercress, spring water and Flyer hops. The combination creates a sharp slap around the chops and delivers a unique peppery flavour. This recent addition to the menu has been featured prominently on various BBC programmes. These alongside the more traditional flavours are all available to purchase online and at certain pubs and bars around Dorset and the wider area. Seasonal beers are regularly released to celebrate past brewers, village characters and the wonderful landscape that Dorset has to offer.
The brewery aims to help continue this traditional product that the region was once so famous for. They’ve been fairly successful so far, the Cerne Abbas Ale famously debuted at the Strangers Bar in the Houses of Parliament – so it has parliamentary approval!
They love their beer, they love their village and their Giant.

Chescombe Barn, Barton Meadows Farm, Dorchester Road, Cerne Abbas, DT2 7JS
01300 341999 / 07506 303407

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