Dorset Herbs and Essence Farm Ltd

Dorset Herbs and Essences grows, harvests and distils herbs for essential oils which are packaged and sold around Dorset at events around the county and is open for scheduled public visits.

The idea for a herbs and essences business was born out of a conversation between Justin Frampton and Yordon Borukov, who now co-own to company. Justin wanted to diversify a piece of land he had been left by his father while Yordon is a local farmer and herb growing expert who was new to the area. The pair decided to work together to cultivate the land growing a wide range of local herbs and spices which are then distilled and packaged in the region for sale at a range of events.

Dorset Herbs and Essences is located on a beautiful ten acre site outside Okeford Fitzpaine, surrounded by arable farmland. On the site, there are a range of herbs and medicinal mushrooms being grown including lavender, curry plants, lemon balm, sage, roses and rose hips, camomile, saffron and yarrow. This is in addition to a number of bee hives, which are used in the harvesting of the herbs.

The ethos behind the plan is to grow, harvest and distil the crops to then use the oils for various oils and ointments and herbal remedies, hand creams and lip balms to name a few all made and supplied throughout Dorset. Some of the crops are sold fresh at local markets and to local retail outlets. The pair are keen to bolster the reputation of North Dorset and enhance the local community by becoming a destination for relaxation, interest, education and harmony.

Find Dorset Herbs and Essences on Facebook for up to date information about the latest products and the full calendar of food and drink events that products are available at. Make sure to get in touch to find out more about tours of the site.

Castle Lane, Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset, DT11 0RL
07973 642278

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