Jurassic Crêpes and Waffles

Having spent many years in London catering for the masses, we decided to come back to our roots in Poundbury, Dorset where we now run our family business specialising in freshly made, artisan Galettes, Crêpes and Waffles which can be purchased at a range of food events or you can hire our services as a cater to a host of private events. Look out for us at your local events at the Jurassic Crepes and Waffles stand – no doubt your nose will tell you where to find us!

We pride ourselves on using the best of locally sourced ingredients and seasonal produce wherever possible. When it comes to the batter for our crepes and waffles, all the eggs we use are free range and from local farms and we source our milk from the Dorset area too. Not only that, but we are able to offer gluten free and vegan options for our customers, so no one needs to miss out on our delectable treats.

From sweet treats with indulgent toppings to the more savoury options, you will be spoiled for choice. If you didn’t know, crepes originated in Brittany, in Northwest France, while waffles come from Belgium. At Jurassic Crepes and Waffles, we recreate those incredible European flavours while using ingredients straight from Dorset.

Visit our Facebook Page and our Twitter to find out more about our upcoming events and flavour combinations. We appear at most of the food events, markets and festivals held throughout Dorset as well as catering for large and small events as a private cater. Ever wanted to feature your favourite treats at your parties or weddings? Well now you can! Get in touch with the team to find out more about our bespoke menus for a wide range of events, from large to small.

Poundbury, Dorchester
01305 753557

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