Liberty Dairy

Have you ever wanted to taste creamy, fresh milk on the day of production? How about reducing your reliance on single-use plastics? Well, Liberty Dairy is here to help you do both, we are dedicated to giving you high-quality milk without detriment to our cows or the environment.

Liberty Dairy milk is:
Organic - produced without the use of artificial chemicals
Local - Produced within 20 miles of our outlets
Super Fresh - Delivered to shops on the day of production
Non-homogenised - the cream rises to the top
Plastic-free - we supply re-useable 1 litre glass bottles at cost to our shops
Healthy - the milk contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids as a result of the cows being predominantly grass/clover fed
Supportive of the Community - retailing through independent local shops.
Best for you, best for the cows, best for the environment.

Our Cows
Milk is supplied to Liberty Dairy by the cows based at Liberty Farm which has been producing organic milk for over 20 years. The cows graze on Dorset pastures for ten months of the year and are only housed indoors in the middle of winter when it is too wet for them to be outside in the fields. 96.5% of their food is grown or produced on the farm. The cows produce quantities of milk similar to the levels produced in the days before farming became industrialised. They are milked once a day which gives them maximum time to enjoy life in the fields.

How to Buy our Milk
We currently sell our milk from the following retailers: Felicity’s Farm Shop, Morecombelake; Bridget’s Market, Bridport; Trading Post Farm Shop, Lopenhead, Somerset; Brassica’s Mercantile, Beaminster.
We also deliver to villages in West Dorset – within a 10 mile radius of our farm.

Liberty Farm, Closworth Road, Halstock BA22 9SY
01935 891454

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