Moores Biscuits

Moores are one of Britain's longest-established biscuit makers having been in business since 1880. Still run by the Moores family, the firm as we know it today is situated just 5 miles from the site of the original bakery on the Dorset / Devon border. Both the Craft Bakery and the headquarters for the manufactures can be found in Bridport.

For years Moores Biscuits have been producing a wide range of sweet biscuits, cakes, granolas and, of course, the famous Dorset Knob. Some of the products that they make are traditional in nature, others are more innovative, but all are made with carefully selected ingredients and emphasis on quality. Quality and taste remains at the heart of everything we make.

Perhaps our most famous product, the Dorset Knob, is an historic delicacy. Originally, they were eaten by farmers, who would eat them covered in sugar with tea. Today, they are more often split open and eaten with cheese or butter and are the star of the popular Dorset Knob Throwing Festival, which features a range of activities all centred around the Dorset Knob. Moores’ knobs are made from a traditionally fermented dough and are baked three times to give a unique flavour and texture. Currently, we are the only remaining producers of Dorset Knob and you can pick them up from our bakery in either bags or tins.

All our products are made from quality ingredients and are suitable for vegetarians. The range includes three tasty flavours of granola, luxury cakes, seasonal treats like fudge and Easter biscuits and Barley and Oat Crumbles.

As well as our products being available from the headquarters, a smaller shop was established in the 1950s and to this day sells our extensive range of biscuits, bread and cakes as well as products from other local Dorset businesses.

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