Piddle Brewery

With a name like Piddle, you’d think that we don’t take anything seriously.
But, we do – brewing!

Our passion is blending the finest hops, barley and malts to create a wide range of regular and seasonal beers that bring serious pleasure, from delicate thirst-quenchers to thick, velvety stouts all crafted beside the River Piddle in deepest Dorset.

Under new ownership from late 2014, the new owners retired many of the inherited beers to build a range which now boasts over 16 popular beers available in cask, keg and bottles - including Dorset’s very own Gluten Free beer and all matched with incredible, locally sourced food! It isn’t just beer – we take cider pretty seriously too and we’re not satisfied with one variety of apple, we use twenty!

The team at Piddle Brewery work out of our premise in Piddlehinton on the outskirts of Dorchester where the surroundings are as tantalising as our beers and ciders. We’re a small team which enables us to make sure that every single brew is the very best quality.

In 2017, to meet growing demand, Piddle increased capacity by investing in new conditioning tanks & the installation of a new bottling plant. Our brewery is a constant hive of activity, creating, mashing, brewing, bottling casking and delivering. You can find the full range of beers and ciders on our website individual bottles, crates and gifts are available to order from our online shop. Throughout the year you can find us at a variety of events, fairs and festivals across the south west where you can sample our beers and ciders and check our recommendations of how to best enjoy it! Find a list of where we’ll be on our website and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the most up to date locations and news.

Piddlehinton, Dorchester DT2 7UA, UK
01305 849336

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