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From buttery, crumbly biscuit to delightful chocolate treats and fudge made from award winning Dorset cream, there are a whole host of sweets for you to choose from.

Sweets galore!

While those of you who don’t have a sweet tooth won’t agree, confectionery is an art form and the chocolatiers, fudge producers and more take pride in the appearance of their produce. Whether you are looking for an indulgent gift or want to treat yourself, you can guarantee something that not just tastes but also looks beautiful.


The kinds of confections you can find in Dorset include candied fruits, chocolates, fudges, boiled sweets, jelly sweets, toffees and more. A visit to the town wouldn’t be complete without picking up a stick of rock, much of which is made right here in Dorset. You’ll find that the sweet stalls at markets or food festivals are always popular, especially the ones featuring locally made sweets, so make sure you scout them out early and grab a bag or two of your favourite treats.

So much to choose from…

Wherever you are in Dorset you’ll find sweets and confectionery made to reflect each local area, the fudge and the chocolate are created using the finest Dorset butters and creams while hard candies, marshmallows and other sweets are made using organic flavours from locally grown fruits and nuts. A few examples of what you can expect to find are:

lemon drops
Candy canes
Rock Candy
Jelly beans
Turkish Delight
Candy Floss and a whole lot more!

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