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If you have a passion for cooking or want to find out a bit more about how to make good food taste even better, be sure to book yourself onto a cookery school while you’re in Dorset. Why would you do it in Dorset as opposed to anywhere else? The ingredients of course!

Dorset is internationally recognised for producing incredible fresh fruit, veg, organic meat and fresh seafood as well as creamy dairy and crisp wines, gins and ciders. Because of these world class ingredients, doing a cookery course here is the perfect way to work with top quality produce and really hone your cookery skills.


There are a number of catering courses being run all over Dorset that are suitable for all skill levels, so whether you’re a complete novice or someone who prides themselves on the quality of their bakes you’ll find something to suit you. They’re not just a good way to learn something new but are also a good activity for families or groups to work together and create something together. These courses  cover everything from baking to cake decorating to hedgerow foraging, so even if you’ve been on a cookery course or workshop before, there will always be something new for you to try.

Some of these courses are hosted by well-known names. Dorset is home to a number of celebrity chefs who have made the county their base because of the superb quality of the fresh local produce that is available to them. There are a number of celebrity chef running eateries in the region, you can see a whole range of restaurants, cafes and tea rooms here, you can guarantee that there will be some unique takes on firm favourites as well as some interesting flavour combinations on their menus. Several celebrity chefs run cookery schools and workshops giving you the chance to not only cook in the presence of a great chef, but also to pick up on some hints and tips that are great sought after!

If you learn more by watching than doing, there are courses for you too, several food events in the region have demonstrations where you can learn more about how meals are prepared, and you can watch a real master at work. There are workshops and demonstrations regularly held at restaurants and cafes across Dorset too, so even if you don’t have the chance to catch one at a festival, you can always look out for them at one of Dorset’s eateries.

You aren’t just limited to food on these courses, take a trip to one of the region’s breweries, vineyards or distilleries to find out how your favourite drinks are made and have a go at creating your own.

Been on a course and looking for some inspiration? Take a look at our recipes page to see what dishes you can create using fresh, local ingredients!

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