The people of Crossways in Dorset have been showing that community spirit is alive and well as over 50 volunteers have pulled together to look after to the village’s more vulnerable residents.

The volunteers have been coordinating via the Crossways Residents’ Info Facebook group, which has been offering support to locals with meals, newspaper deliveries and regular phone calls so those that are self isolating aren’t left feeling lonely. Several local businesses have also gotten involved including Lizzie Baking Bird, Jurassic Coast Farm Shop and others.

The group has over 1,000 members, including local teenagers who have been getting up early to deliver papers around the community. Villagers are welcome to request any support that they need and if it cannot be met by the volunteers, they have referred people to other agencies including Age UK.

Lizzie Baking Bird is just one of the businesses that has been offering help to those who need it in Crossways. She has been putting together food parcels that are being distributed around the village, currently, she is making up to twenty parcels a day free of charge.

If you live in or around Crossways and would like to be involved, you can contact the team on [email protected] or via the Facebook group.

Image: Sam Bartlett via the Facebook group.

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