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Discover everything from friendly cafes to exquisite fine dining and great pub grub right the way through to modern street food. There are some really fantastic places to grab a bite to eat in Dorset and with a huge range of delicious local produce, it is a popular destination for food fans.

So much to choose from…

The range of eateries is vast with everyone being catered for whether you want a casual pub lunch, a fine dining restaurant with multiple courses, a slice of cake and some tea at one of the many seaside tearooms or you’re staying at one of the many self-catering properties and you fancy a take away in the sunshine. We have it all and more, those with special or alternative diets are well catered for too, you’ll find vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and sugar-free options on menus across the region, so no one has to miss out on the fabulous food options available.


When it comes to choosing somewhere to go out for dinner, you’ll be really spoiled for choice, especially with the abundance of award-winning local produce. Make sure to stop off for afternoon tea with a big dollop of locally made clotted cream or perhaps some fish and chips by the sea that was freshly caught that morning. The chefs, cooks and food producers in Dorset are all experts, especially when it comes to treats such as ice cream, apple cake, fudge, wine and cider, so this is really the place to be if you’re a big fan of sweet treats. Even if you aren’t, Dorset is home to the cooking method of jugging, which will make even the most reluctant of meat-eaters clear their plates. So, wherever you are in the county, you’ll find some great places to eat showing off their own takes on traditional Dorset dishes and much more besides.

Great food, better views

Of course, being such a wonderful location, you’ll find that many of the restaurants, pubs and cafes are in fantastic places with gorgeous views of the coast, countryside and quaint villages. These picture-perfect locations make the food taste all the sweeter, especially when you stop to think about the fact that your lamb probably grazed in the same fields you’re looking at and the fish being served up with your chips was freshly caught in the bay you were planning to sit in with your dinner.

In addition to the huge choice of restaurants, cafe, tea rooms, pubs and takeaways, Dorset is also host of several regular food events, from Farmers’ Markets to Food Festivals there is always something going on, you can’t miss them, just follow the delicious scent of all the foods and you’ll soon find it! Alternatively, you could always click here to see what events are going on so you can add them to your diaries ready. There really is nothing better than sinking your teeth into a freshly made burger while walking through the food stalls sampling all the produce or talking over a pint or two in a quiet pub garden.

All this excellent local produce is a huge draw for celebrity and award-winning chefs, so keep your eyes peeled for when they come to town to host cookery workshops, festivals or are showing off their menus at one of the establishments in the region.

You can browse Dorset’s selection of places to eat that are committed to sourcing and serving local food and drink here.

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