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From spirits to liqueurs, Dorset’s drink makers, distillers and brewers live to create the best tasting libations in the country.

From a slosh of vodka or rum in your coke to a coffee liqueur, you’ll find a whole host of interesting flavour combinations and drinks created by hand on Dorset farmland while you’re visiting the county. We’re keen for you to experience as many of them as possible, but safely of course! Make sure to know your limits and if you’re going to a tour of a distillery or are planning a night out full of local drinks, make sure you have a designated driver!


Tantalising tipples….

Being on the coast, there are naturally a number of pirate stories and we all know that pirates love rum, which is why you’ll find producers offering a wide variety of spirits and liqueurs so you can really honour the county’s rich history.

It isn’t just rum that you can find here. The legacy left by the smugglers also inspired several varieties of spirits and another local favourite is vodka. The vodka in this region is created using the fine grasses and other items that grow in the region. In fact, vodka fans who want something a little creamier and smoother might want to keep their eyes out for locally produced vodka, especially the varieties that contain milk from cows reared in the region. Milk in vodka, you might not think it works, but it does!

It isn’t just milk you’ll find on the list of unusual ingredients either. Dorset’s rich landscape is perfect for growing a wide range of herbs, fruits and vegetables so really, there is no excuse not to use them when distilling fine award-winning drinks. Look out for gin, vodka and other spirits infused with locally grown watercress, wasabi and more. The freshly picked and grated herbs are then carefully combined with other botanicals to create these incredible flavours.

One of Dorset’s most famous exports is of course the apple, whether you bake it in a cake, stew it into a jam or turn it into cider, there are loads of things you can do with the humble apple and thanks to Dorset’s warm climate, you’ll find that they grow quite comfortably for most of the year. Some of the distillers in the reason use the organic home grown apples to create vodka, gin and more!

Aged to perfection…

Part of the distillation process includes the addition of water and what better to use than spring water from the Jurassic coast? The cliffs and water in this region date back to the time of the dinosaurs, so not only are you drinking something that has been carefully distilled and aged to perfection, but also a little piece of the England’s history! Because Dorset is a community of people who are keen to support each other and love to focus on local produce, you’ll find that many of the pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels will have local spirits, liqueurs and drinks such as malts and whiskeys available. Look out for them on the menu!

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