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Ford Farm, located on the Ashley Chase Estate, is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, between the rolling Dorset downs and the Jurassic Coast
A team of exceptional cheese makers have been perfecting the art of cheese making for close to 40 years, using traditional methods and recipes.
Ford Farm is renowned for its innovative approach to cheese making- new concepts are frequently added to the cheese offering. Ford Farm are behind the multi award winning Cave Aged Cheddar. This handmade, cloth bound West Country Farmhouse Cheddar is matured in the caves underground at Wookey Hole in Somerset and recaptures a by-gone era when cheese was stored in caves.
One of Ford Farms innovative cheese offerings is the semi hard Cave aged goats cheese made with pasteurised milk is a unique offering from this sector of the English Goat milk cheeses. This is the first ever Goat Cheese that has been matured in caves in the Mendip Hills in Somerset. The time taken to make this cheese and the careful maturing process it goes through makes it stand out from the rest. The Goats Cheese is made using British goats milk using the same artisanal techniques as the Farm’s multi award-winning Cave Aged Cow’s Milk Cheddar. Utilising the traditional recipes and methods and the wrapping in cloth makes this traditional truckle both visually appealing to the cheese monger and the artisan cheese buyer backed up by the unique aging environment.

Ford Farm have found that ageing Traditional Goat Cheese in the Cave Helps with its unique flavour, like all Traditional Cheese; drawing in the armourers of the maturing area that it is placed, in this case the rocks and earthy nature of the cave. The humidity and temperature are constant throughout the year at 12 Degrees Celsius and 100% humidity, this environment differs dramatically from many maturing stores as they seldom maintain humidity at 100%. The humidity keeps the rind of the Cheese damp and less likely to crack. Once the rind cracks it will let air in which, causes blueing and a change in the flavour of the Cheese. The aging process softens the piquant notes and the sometimes farmy Goat flavours often found in other Goats Cheeses. The caves add a unique sweet, nutty and earthy flavour to the profile of our Cave Aged Goats Cheese, offering a truly unique cheese to the market.
To complement the Cave Aged cheeses, the range also includes ‘Oakwood’ Smoked Cheddar, ‘Dorset Red’ (a smooth, smoked, Red Leicester style cheese). The business also has a successful range of flavoured cheeses including Cheddar with Truffle and Wensleydale & Cranberry.
Many of these cheeses are included in the cheese celebration cakes from Ford Farm. Stacked high with a variety of high-quality British cheeses, these cheese celebration cakes make an ideal centrepiece for any event, and are a delicious alternative to a traditional wedding cake or cheese board.
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