Maycottage Goat’s Milk Soaps and Raw Goat’s Milk

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07881 900722

27 Grange Wimborne Dorset BH21 4HX

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Fresh milk, oils and butter combined to make a product very gentle on the skin.
Particularly suitable for those with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and very sensitive skin. The soaps have the same Ph as the skin, allowing it to maintain its natural moisture. With 30% Olive oil which is anti-inflammatory as well as conditioning, hard-working hands will appreciate this soap.
I stopped using hand cream when I started making my soaps, just no need.
Essential oils are added to some of the soaps to give a gorgeous, natural scent.

The shampoo bars are similarly beneficial to those with scalp problems whilst giving the hair a good wash without all the chemicals in shop-bought shampoos.
Both the soaps and shampoo bars are wrapped in cotton fabric and tied with raffia and reducing plastic waste.

RAW DRINKING MILK is also available, fresh or frozen.
Tested fortnightly, registered with Food Standards Agency and regularly inspected for good hygiene practice.

RAW MILK is beneficial to health because the good bacteria and enzymes needed for digestive health have not been destroyed by pasteurisation. Several of my customers buy my milk to make Kefir, furthering the health benefits. Goat’s milk is far easier to digest than cow’s milk and lactose intolerant people are usually fine with goat’s milk. Packed with prebiotics and essential nutrients it really is a SUPER FOOD!

My goats live at the end of my garden with their own stables, free access to grazing and natural browse – great hedge trimmers! I hand milk partly because it’s more hygienic but I simply prefer it to machine milking. The kids are reared by their mothers and family ties are maintained. Sometimes I sell stock and the male goats are sold sometimes for breeding but I have a contact who has a knack for finding good pet homes!
I use homeopathy and herbs to maintain herd health and deal with any problems which may occur, but the vet is welcome if needed!
I am very proud of my small herd, their quality and everything they give. They have changed my life in a way I never expected but I love every bit of it!

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