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Tantalise your taste buds and get your five a day with a selection of locally grown fruit and veg sourced from farms and small holdings right here in Dorset.

Getting your five a day

We’ve all heard the health advice of eating five fruit and veg a day, but we also know that it can be hard to do. Luckily fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the local area tastes better than the products you can get in traditional supermarket. Because of the mild climate and the quality of the soil, a whole host of interesting fruits and vegetables are grown in the region meaning that you can really sample the taste of the world without leaving Dorset!!


Tastes good, feel good

As well as tasting great, fruits and vegetables are packed full of nutrients including fibre, vitamins and minerals as well as powerful antioxidants that lower the risk of many health problems including obesity, heart disease and stroke. Thankfully, your five a day can include fruits and vegetables that have been frozen, dried and canned as well as juices and smoothies, so however you want to prepare your home grown fruit and veg, you know that you are going to reap the benefits.

Prepare your own way

While you can be sure that the veg you receive with your dinner in the restaurants and other eateries and establishments around the county will have been grown in Dorset, you can also shop local and then prepare it however you want, especially if you’re staying at one of our self catering properties. If you love the taste of Dorset and want to experience it once you’re home, why not take a look at our recipes page and see what you can come up with using some of the fruit and veg you can find here.

When you’re somewhere like Dorset where the fresh fruit and veg options are plentiful and enticing it’s easy to get your five a day! The best thing is that everything you can get locally will be seasonal and delicious!

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