Grounded Coffee is one of several businesses who are part of the new Kingland Project in Poole High Street, where ten empty shops have been renovated and offered to small, local, independent businesses.

Over the past few months, the units at Kingland Crescent were stripped out and the buildings completely repainted as part of a wider £26 million scheme which aims to breathe new life into the centre of Poole and the popular Dolphin Shopping Centre. With the majority of the work now finished, the area is now an exciting new boutique street.

Grounded Coffee are one of the many small businesses who have taken a unit and have opened their own shop.

Rosie, from Grounded Coffee, said: “Having lost a lot of our business this year due to many festivals and events being cancelled, we have been unable to take our coffee trucks out as much as usual and so we have diversified and we are really excited to be chosen for part of this project and we are opening our new coffee shop at the start of January.

“In early February, we will also be moving our roastery into the shop so customers will be able to see the coffee being roasted while enjoying a cup themselves.”

Speaking to local reporters about the Kingland Project, Denz Ibrahim, head of Retail and Futuring at Legal & General, said: “The mission for our retail places at LGIM Real Assets is to design incredible places for people. We are super excited to be launching Kingland, a brand new boutique street in the heart of Poole, celebrating local makers and ideas.”

The shopping centre was purchased by Legal & General purchased the shopping centre in 2013.

Grounded Coffee started in 2014 when the team bought and converted an old 1976 series 111 Land Rover, named Arthur, into a coffee truck and went to events all over the south at weekends. Since then, the fleet has expanded into six and the team attend hundreds of events every year from music festivals to corporate events and just about everything else in between.

The new shop at Kingland Crescent officially opens in January, with the roaster being moved into the shop from February. The team did open briefly in the few days before Christmas and were overwhelmed by the number of visitors they had and are very much looking forward to being able to open full time!

Further plans for Poole Town Centre and the project include the planned development of a cinema complex. For the latest news and updates from Grounded Coffee about the Kingland Crescent store and upcoming events, make sure to follow the team on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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