While technically more of a bread roll than a biscuit, Dorset Knobs are made by a biscuit company and have been since the Victorian times, so it’s only fair that we spread the word this National Biscuit Day. Plus, Dorset Knobs are crispy and crumbly, like a biscuit rather than a bread.

Whether you view them as a biscuit or a bread roll, we’re sure that even if you’ve never tasted a real Dorset Knob made to the original recipe, you will have heard of them, especially with the Knob Throwing Festival which takes place every few years. If you want to brush up on your knowledge of this legendary biscuit, read on!

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A local favourite with the best packaging ???? . If you’ve tried them you will know that’s these savoury biscuits are hard and dry – three times baked in fact. Back in the day farming folk would pour tea and hot sugar over them for breakfast. We like them teamed up with cheese, and they make the best present ???? . #dorsetknobs #birdandcarterfarmshop

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Knobfest 2019 #dorsetknob #knobthrowing

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