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All made locally and many with awards, you’ll find the best hand made jams, honeys and preserves here

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With the abundance of fresh fruit available for making the very best tasty jams and a whole host of plants giving bees the best nectar for creating local honey, you’ll love the various jam, preserve and honey options that can be found in Dorset. Here you’ll find everything from flavoured jams to every kind of chutney and marmalade known to man. There are even flavoured honeys to choose from!


Honey I’m Home

As well as offering a beautiful environment for hikers and nature lovers, the wide-open green spaces of Dorset also offer a haven for local wildlife, especially the bees which also provide delicious local Dorset honey. The local flora of Dorset varies location to location and hive to hive, giving each local jar a distinctive flavour profile far superior from the mass-produced uniform faire available. Like wine the terroir of honey creates many wonderful variations; Apple Blossom in spring lends its flavour to richly fragrant floral honey whereas yellow rapeseed lends a more delicate flavour and paler colour. Local honeys in comparison to mass-produced honeys also have more health benefits. Eating local honey is said to help with hay fever by acclimatising the body to local pollen, mass-produced honeys are often a blend of various honeys and have been filtered to remove pollen, which also removes the micronutrients that local honeys are rich in.

Feeling Jammy

What would a cream tea be without a delicious jam? There was a time when every household would have made their own jams but this craft is now kept to the talented artisan jam makers creating the innovative faire available all over Dorset in both stores and restaurants. From classic options like strawberry and raspberry to the more exotic Raspberry and chocolate jam with vodka Dorset has many jams on offer.

Preserving those great tastes

It isn’t just jam that can be made from the local produce found in Dorset. There are chutneys perfect for putting your own spin on an Indian, marmalades for that something extra and of course curds for your baking.

There are also a range of savoury jams, including chilli jam to tingle your taste buds.

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