Ice Cream

What better snack for enjoying the beautiful Dorset coast?

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When you’re anywhere near the coast, stopping for an ice cream is an absolute must, which is why you’re in luck by visiting Dorset!

Dorset is home to some of the most incredible dairy products so whether you want ice cream made from milk, cream or something dairy free, you’ll find plenty of options made in the region by a whole host of well-known and independent companies.


It’s a seaside tradition

It might be an argument the kids make every time they hear the familiar tune of an ice cream van or pass a stall, but ice cream is one of the most historical treats of the known world. That’s a fact! Ice cream like desserts have been dated back to 500 BC in the middle east, while ice cream first appeared in UK records back in the 18th century. One of the most popular ice cream recipes appeared in the 1718 edition of Mrs Mary Eales’ Receipts and another printed in 1751, The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy by Hannah Glasse included instructions on how to make and set ice cream. So, when we say it is a tradition, it really is!

How do you eat yours?

If you’re visiting a pop up or one of the stalls, you can get an ice cream served in a cone or a biodegradable pot or if you’re in one of the restaurants or cages you can get it in a dish, on the side or perhaps you want to go for something more exciting like a float, sundae or as part of a bigger dessert. However you like your ice cream, you’ll find something that suit you.

So many flavours

While some of you might prefer a traditional vanilla, our speciality ice cream makers offer every flavour you can think of. From seasonal favourites such as raspberry and strawberry to things a little more niche like prosecco or gin flavour.

Whether you want a refreshing sorbet, indulgent ice cream or quick soft serve while at the beach, you’ll find plenty of options here!

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