Clipper Teas have announced the launch of their new tea caddies, which have been designed for cafes serving Clipper Tea to use around the county. The caddies are free of charge to all cafes that serve Clipper Tea and are designed to allow cafes to brew locally produced Clipper Teabags in an environmentally friendly way.

The first business to receive one of the new caddies is the Ivy House Kitchen based in Bridport, which is less than 8 miles from the Clipper Tea factory in Beaminster. The café recently made a change to their menu and now exclusively serve Clipper tea varieties to their customers.

As well as being committed to serving locally produced tea, the Ivy House Kitchen prides itself on bringing the people of Bridport the very best in local, seasonal food and their menus change regularly to reflect the changes in farming seasons. Why not visit them on a Wednesday as part of the Chatty Café Scheme and catch up on all the news that is going on in Bridport? You could even grab a pot of freshly brewed Clipper Tea straight from the new caddy!

A representative from Clipper Tea said: “It’s really great to see the Ivy House Kitchen in Bridport making the switch to Clipper Tea, we’re only based 7.5 miles up the road and they’re the first to have the new Dorset tea caddy.”

Following the success of the tea caddy at Ivy House Kitchen, Clipper Teas are looking to start collaborating with other cafes and tearooms around the county and supplying them with tea caddies.

Find out more about the Ivy House Kitchen here. 

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