While many of us are gearing up to Christmas, there are some preparing for Hanukkah which falls on 10th December this year. If you’re on the hunt for something easy and different to make, why not have a go at creating some latkes – a traditional Hanukkah appetiser?


Kosher salt
2 large eggs
1kg potatoes
A sprinkle of oil

Oil is available from these producers and you can easily find local eggs and local potatoes to use in this recipe.

Usually, you would deep fry these, but these are a healthier version that are shallow fried – but you are welcome to deep fry them if you want more authentic latkes.


Start by peeling and finely grating your potatoes, put the grated potato straight into cold water and then drain and squeeze them as dry as you can, either by pressing with your hands in a colander or wrapping in some kitchen towel or a tea towel and squeezing out the moisture – you will need your potatoes to be as dry as possible.

Leave the potatoes to the side and beat the eggs lightly with salt, add to the potatoes and stir well.

Drop a little oil into the bottom of the frying pan and heat and then with a serving spoon, drop a heap of the mixture into the oil and flatten a little. Lower the heat so that the fritters cook evenly. Turn over and brown each side.

Lift out and serve very hot.

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