Meet the Members | Humans of Hospitality Podcast

Find out more about our members as they appear on the Humans of Hospitality Podcast, a weekly podcast that showcases the amazing work that those in the Hospitality sector do for the industry.

Speaking about the show on his website, founder and presenter, Mark Cribb says: “Each week brings a new inspiring story. We are exploring hospitality in its broadest sense. Farming, politics, culture, cooking, nutrition, welfare, family, business, love and more. Whether you’re a famous figure or total unknown, if you love hospitality, food and drink, and have something important to say, chances are we’ll end up having a conversation. We want to explore the fair production of food, protecting the planet and humanity, whilst tasting awesome. It’s going to be quite an adventurous conversation.

“If you want a world of formulaic and dull corporate sameness this is not the podcast for you. If you’d like to learn about amazing human beings who dedicate their lives to making the world of food, drink and hospitality more diverse for our daily enjoyment, please listen.

“In showcasing these stories, we want to tip the balance back in favour of independent businesses: “Where we spend our money genuinely makes a difference to the kind of world we live in. So let’s at least make our world interesting.”

The following podcasts feature our members’ stories.