It’s been a really exciting summer for the team at Poole Hill Brewery. They continued brewing all through lockdown and delivering directly to customers while their premises were closed, with off-licenses particularly being very busy early on in the summer.

The reopening of bars has meant a lot of hard work for many in the industry, including the team at Poole Hill Brewery. At the moment, the Brewery is operating at reduced hours and have strict PPE rules for staff, which has enabled the team to resume their usual brewery tours and live music nights. While it isn’t quite back to normal, being able to do this has been a welcome distraction.

The biggest news of the summer though has to be the awards the Brewery received from the Society of Independent Brewers’ Digital Beer Awards in which their Headlander Bitter won Gold for British Bitters in the South West region and went on to win Silver in the national category, being beaten only by the competition’s overall winner for Best Beer 2020.

Looking forward, the team are planning to complete their market research, design and testing of their Tingay’s Craft Beer brand, so it is ready to release in 2021.

Congratulations on a successful summer everyone!

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