For a fresh twist on a veggie burger, give these a try. Not only do they use fresh halloumi in the place of the frozen cheese-based burgers, but you can use brioche buns to give it a summery twist. Why not give these a try at your next BBQ or give them a whirl when you’re next camping. If you choose a campsite in Dorset, you’ll have the added benefit of grabbing these ingredients while you’re out and about exploring!



250g block of halloumi, cut it into 8 slices. Take a look at some of our cheese producers to see who sells halloumi where you are.

1tbsp olive oil, why not try this one from…

4 brioche buns, you can find all our bakers here.

4tbsp hummus – try making some yourself or grab a pot from one of our local delis

1 large ripe tomato

4 butterhead lettuce leaves

4 tbsp fresh tomato salsa – you can either make this yourself or cheat and buy some from a deli or farm shop.


Make sure to grab your additional veg and salad items, take a look at what is available here.



Heat the BBQ or grill until it is piping hot.


Brush each side of the halloumi slices with olive oil and cook them on each side until golden.


Split the brioche buns and toast them briefly on each side. Spread the bottom halves with hummus, slice the tomato and add then layer the halloumi, lettuce and salsa and top with the other half of the bun.


This is a quick and easy meal you can make that even the most ardent meat eaters will love!

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