This dish was part of a tasting menu, but can easily be made bigger. I personally love honey and sweet things with cheese. Cheese always has a salt content, the acid in chutneys can cut through and also lift this salt content, but so can sweetness. Especially the sweetness of white truffle honey, the perfume of the dish will just sing. Your guests will smell it before they eat it. Don’t be alarmed by the price of the honey, we have had 1 jar last over 1 year. The granola for me, if you think about, is like a biscuit, just it’s broken up? Don’t think too much and box yourself in by “what cheese should come with” the granola and honey with Shakespeare is amazing, the possibilities are endless. Of course, though, you need the right cheese!


1 x Jar of Truffle hunter white truffle honey. Available online. A little goes a very long way.
1 very ripe room temperature Shakespeare brie. – Try to leave this out for at least 2 hours – room temp.
175g melted butter
175g honey – Can substitute with sugar, golden syrup, maple.
1 vanilla pod scraped – vanilla can be substituted for other alternatives.
300g large oats – Try to use large oats they provide a nicer texture than the fine ones.
100g various seeds – I use sunflower, pumpkin, linseed.
100g chopped nuts – I use almonds, walnuts, pecans, to be honest any nuts will work.
100g desiccated coconut – this is very important, helps give a nice chew to the granola.


Very Simple – warm your butter with your syrup of choice. In a bowl weigh all your dry ingredients, mix in the butter mix. Have a taste.

The mix when you squeeze it should hold together but also crumble. If its a bit dry you can add a touch more butter or syrup.

Bake in a large flat tray, try not to pile it up. 150 degrees celsius. Keep checking regularly, and turn it over with a spoon, to ensure all of it is being cooked. Bake until an even golden brown all the way through.

Let the granola cool. Store in an airtight container like you would any cereal.

To serve I like to spoon the very ripe Shakespeare into the bottom of a bowl.

A bowl is very important for eating in this dish.

Then a small drizzle of the honey over. Remember less is more with this.

Then granola over the top.

You’re done!

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