Spice up your meals with this range of locally produced sauces.

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Considering how famous Dorset is for its raw ingredients, from fruit to vegetables and herbs, it is hardly surprising that there are a number of delcious sauces being produced in the county, perfect for adding that little extra something to your dishes.

Sweet, Savoury… Something in between

Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or want to add a touch of spice to your meals, we’ve got it all here in Dorset.


One of the most popular sauces being produced in the region is chili sauce, whether you want it spicey to add a kick or you want it sweet to satisfy your sweet tooth, make sure to pick up a bottle or two while you’re visiting the region’s delis and farm shops.

Essential addition to your kitchen

No kitchen is complete without a couple of bottles of sauces rattling around. From the traditional tomato sauce to the smokey BBQ to the more exotic to be used on stir frys and to make salads more exciting, they are an absolute kitchen essential.

Whether you’re visiting one of Dorset’s famous food festivals or farmers’ markets or perusing the shelves of one of the region’s farm shops, you can find sweet sauces for desserts and to be used in baking or those more suited to savoury dishes.

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