Not for the faint-hearted, take a look at Dorset’s spooky goings-on here!

This time of year is perfect for snuggling down with some warm soup and lightly spiced biscuits, both of which you can get in abundance in Dorset during the October and November months. To really cement in the season, why not combine your warming autumnal treats with a spot of spookiness with these ghostly tales?

As with most of the UK’s seaside regions, many of the buildings date back to Medieval times and later and with such a rich and varied history, it is no surprise that a scary tale or two have been known to spread around the county. We’ve come up with some of our favourite hauntings from around Dorset to give you goosebumps this Halloween.

Shaftsbury Abbey

According to local legend, Shaftsbury Abbey is haunted by a monk who was the keeper of the Abbey’s hidden treasure. Supposedly, the goods that were owned by the abbey were kept in a secret location and the whereabouts entrusted to one person only. The monk died without telling anyone where the treasure is hidden and is said to now roam the grounds making sure that no one ever finds it. He isn’t the only apparition to be seen at the Abbey though, apparently, the ghost of King Edward has also been spotted running around the ruins at night.

Sherborne Old Castle

There are several spooky stories about this old castle. Many people believe that it is cursed because everyone who lived there suffered a spate of bad luck. One of its most famous residents was Sir Walter Raleigh, who is said to return to the castle grounds every September. Legend has it that he can be seen standing near a tree on the grounds.

The Royal Signals Museum

Apparently this museum in Blandford is haunted by a young girl called Mary. It’s said that she is the cause of objects moving and the phantom footsteps. It’s thought that she was a young, local woman engaged to a US serviceman based in the area, but died before the wedding.

Athelhampton House

Supposedly, this is one of the most haunted houses in England. So you would naturally expect a couple of good stories to come out of it. There have been reports of eleven different sightings including a ghostly ape which once belonged to one of the residents. Visitors have reported seeing the spirits of dualists fighting to the death and it is said that the wine cellar is also haunted.

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