Strawberry shortcake slices

Biscuits, fresh Dorset strawberries and local whipped cream – is there anything better to enjoy on a warm day? It requires minimum effort, but gives maximum taste and is lovely for serving at a picnic, BBQ or garden party.


600ml double cream
125g icing sugar
500g shortcake style biscuits
350g strawberries

As an option, you can flavour the cream using rose water, orange blossom water or vanilla extract if you like. You can grab your biscuits from one of the region’s bakeries and pick up your cream from one of these local farmers. You can even find your strawberries locally!


Start off by lining a cake tin or dish – can be square or circular or whatever you have to hand – with clingfilm, making sure to use enough that you have some overhanging the edge of the dish.

Whip 500ml of the cream, adding in the icing sugar and any flavourings you want with an electric whisk, or by hand if you fancy a work out, until the cream is thick.

Add a layer of the biscuits to your tin/dish, spoon over cream and spread evenly. Slice your strawberries and layer over the cream, repeating until you fill the tin finishing on a layer of biscuit. Press down gently so that every biscuit is covered in cream, cover with the excess film and chill overnight.

To serve, turn the tin/dish upside down and remove the clingfilm. Whip the remaining cream and dollop on top, add your remaining strawberries and if you have any left over biscuits, crush and use for decoration.

Cut into slices and enjoy!

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