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Don’t compromise on seeing the beautiful landscape or sampling the food, grab a bite to eat from one of the many street food vendors and take aways and enjoy both the sights and the local produce!

Try food from around the world without leaving Dorset

Dorset’s street vendors are famous for using fresh, local ingredients on their menus and creating cuisine inspired from around the world. Whether you’re in the mood for a curry, some noodles, sea food or whatever else takes your fancy, you’ll find stalls and pop ups all over the county offering some of the best in street food.


For those of you who love the unique freshness of buying food from a stall, you’ll love the many food festivals that take place in Dorset, keep an eye on our events to find out when the next one is coming to the region! These festivals are a real celebration of local food as well as foods from around the world, so you’ll find plenty of options whatever you have a craving for.

Perfect for self-catering

If you’re staying in Dorset for a few days and are planning a foodie experience, why not book into one of the many self-catering properties in the region? These range from lodges to apartments to cottages and offer a real home from home as well as flexibility in your comings and goings. Many of these properties have fully functioning kitchens equipped with all you need to create sumptuous meals of your own. (You can get inspiration for your own meals by clicking here.) Sometimes though, you are too tired from exploring and well, you’re on holiday! Who wants to do their own cooking? In those situations, you can always turn to one of Dorset’s many take aways. There are loads of fast food producers and takeaways to be found, some well-known chains and others, independent retailers offering an extensive menu of locally sourced ingredients. The independent retailers take huge pride in the quality of the food that they serve and many of them make the dishes themselves, so you can be sure of exactly what is in your food. This is also a great option for those with food allergies and intolerances as you can be safe in the knowledge that your food has been prepared freshly and contains high quality ingredients.

Seafood at its best

Being by the coast and being renowned for the quality of its sea food, you can’t visit Dorset and not grab a portion of fish and chips. You’ll find a whole host of fish and chip take aways, pop ups and restaurants offering both a sit down and a take away service. Many of them are on the sea front and you can watch the very ocean that the fish came from as you eat!

Take a look below at the range of take aways and companies that offer a street food service at festivals and during certain times of the year and start planning your foodie get away!

Bennett’s Fish & Chips

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Manna Kitchen

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The Seaside Boarding House

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