Dorset is a wonderful place to visit whatever the season. If you’re going in the summer, you get to experience the beautiful beaches, visiting in the spring means you can see the new shoots and flowers in the region’s nature reserves and countryside areas and coming in the winter gives you chance to explore the many seasonal markets and taste the incredible produce.

Whatever time you visit the county you won’t be short of things to do, but if you’re looking for something a little more unusual, then here’s our selection of the strange and quirky activities that you can do in Dorset.

Visit the Cerne Abbas Giant
One of the more intriguing chalk figures in the UK is the giant that can be found in Cerne Abbas, he’s famous for a particular reason and is a symbol of fertility. Apparently. The site is currently managed by the National Trust and is a popular choice among visitors, but as it’s still an unusual thing to see, we’re including it here. The village of Cerne Abbas is very picturesque and there are plenty of quiet, relaxing tea rooms and cafes for you to stop in during your trip.

See a colour changing pool
If you want to see magic happen before your eyes, head to the Isle of Purbeck and journey to Furzebrook where you’ll find the Blue Pool which changes colour. Yes, really. It’s more science than magic as the pool is in a former clay pit and the various clay particles that float in the water catch the light which is what makes it change colour. That doesn’t mean you can’t imagine that it is a mystical place though, locals have put up fairy doors along the walking trails and you can spend some time looking for the Wareham Bears while you’re there. Plus, Purbeck has plenty of great places to grab a bite to eat as you explore.

Challenge someone to eat nettles
You know nettles? Well, in Dorset you can get involved in the World Nettle Eating Championships which takes place every summer in Marshwood. People really do come from all over the world to see who can eat the most nettles. How’s that for an unusual way to spend the day?

Visit a ghost village
Tyneham is a village located on the west coast of Dorset which hasn’t been occupied since the 1940s. Back during the Second World War, the residents were evacuated and were never able to return, these days there are only a handful of buildings that are completely intact but it is open on certain days for visitors. The village is near Lulworth, which is home to lots of great places to eat and drink, so make sure to stop off there for a relaxing cuppa.

Walk a llama
There are a number of farmers and small holdings that raise llamas and alpacas in Dorset and are happy for members of the public to come along and walk them. Explore the beautiful countryside alongside some of the world’s quirkiest animals and take in the sights with an unusual companion.


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