Autumn is here, for those of you who are fans of this time of year, there is plenty to get excited about: the leaves are changing colour, the mornings are getting crisper and there is a whole host of fabulous foods that are finally in season!

When it comes to locally sourced foods, we all know that Dorset is up there with the best in the UK, so here are some of our favourites that are in now in season during Autumn to give you some inspiration of dishes you can make in the next couple of months.

We’ll start with the veg. The veg of this time of year is perfect for making soups, adding to roast dinners or creating tray bakes. There are so many things you can do with these autumnal ingredients, keep your eyes peeled on our regular recipes to give you some ideas!

For some real autumn flavours, get yourself some butternut squash and pumpkins, you can either whip up a soup, add them to pastas or rice dishes or try your hand at creating something sweet!

For the sprout lovers out there, sprouts have now come into season ready for the Christmas period. With the days getting colder, nothing is better than having a hearty meal whether that is a roast dinner or a warming soup and these vegetables make perfect ingredients for all manner of dishes. Make sure to pick up Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, parsnips, turnips, leeks and potatoes.

If you want some more leafy greens in your diet, you’re in luck kale and spinach are also both in season, use them as a garnish or wilt them down in your stews and other dishes to add a great boost of iron and flavour!

Next up, the fruit.
Obviously, you can use these in your savoury dishes too, apple sauce goes very well with pork for instance and of course, you can’t not use apple in your red cabbage recipes, as Dorset is famous for the quality of its apples, especially in the creation of Dorset Apple Cake and cider, we thought we’d separate it out. Just in case you wanted some inspiration for dessert!

So, apples are in season, they normally start appearing on trees mid-late September and then are ripe until the middle of October. There are plenty of great things you can make with the region’s apples, cakes, crumbles, pies, tarts… The list is endless. Also, in season for the same amount of time are pears which are another versatile dessert or snack item. Compliment the desserts you make by adding blackberries before they go out of season too.

Find seasonal recipes to try out here.

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