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You might associate Dorset with fish and chips or cream, but did you know that Dorset is fast becoming the chocolate capital of the south west? Across the county more and more producers are offering chocolate products and experiences with a special west country twist. There are a number of experiences available in the county for chocolate lovers, from tours of the production kitchens to tasty delicacies. So, if you’re someone who enjoys a bar of chocolate over a cream tea (or maybe you like a chocolate cream tea, those are available too!) make sure to take a look at the range of chocolatiers that call Dorset home.

Sustainability makes it all the sweeter

Many of the artisan chocolatiers and confectioners working in Dorset source their high quality cocoa beans from the very best producers across the world and then create their tantalising treats in their workshops across Dorset.

The producers in Dorset are committed to the environment and making sure that everything they make and sell is done so in the most eco-friendly way possible. The chocolatiers based in Dorset work hard to make sure that all their ingredients are sourced from sustainable farms and are of the highest quality.


Chocolate items, from bars to drops to other sweet treats has been produced in Dorset for over fifty years. It isn’t just limited to chocolate for consumption, in Dorset, chocolatiers have been creating chocolate facials, chocolate cafes, chocolate cream teas and even chocolate spa sessions. You’ll even find chocolate boutique hotels with workshops on how to make the chocolate yourself and even chocolate themed places to stay. In fact, the UK’s only chocolate themed hotel can be found in Bournemouth, further cementing the fact that Dorset really is the centre of Britain’s chocolate empire.

Every variety you can think of

As you’ll know from looking at the shelves of goodies at chocolatiers, chocolate comes in a range of flavours, with everything from dark chocolate infused with dried fruits, milk chocolate made with the very best of Dorset’s cream and milk, white chocolate and even pink chocolate made with Ruby beans which have a distinctive fruity flavour. In Dorset, the chocolate makers across the region offer a wide range of chocolate varieties in lots of different shapes and sizes, you’ll even be able to find a range of dairy free and vegan options.

Events, shops… Find Dorset chocolate everywhere

For those of you on the hunt for some of this amazing locally made chocolate, you can find it stocked in independent shops and on sale at markets across the region and the wider south west. You’ll also get the chance to sample them at a wide range of food festivals and events. Click here to find out when the next events are coming to a town near you.

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