The best milks, creams and yoghurts made right here in Dorset

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Dorset is home to the creamiest, tastiest dairy products in the UK, so whether you are in the market for milk for your tea, cream to pour over your desserts or some yoghurt you’ll find a whole host of different dairy items for you to try!


Milking it…

Forget the stuff you pick up in the supermarket, you haven’t tasted real milk until you’ve purchased fresh, locally sourced milk from one of the farm shops or delis in Dorset. They often get their milk right from the source, small farms here in the county that actually care about their animals and what they produce. Whether you’re looking for cow’s milk, sheep’s milk or goat’s milk, you’ll find a huge selection right here.
For those of you who want to give really fresh milk a try, you can even find unpasteurised milk, full of richness and all those essential vitamins and minerals that can be lost during mass processing.


Don’t forget the cream

Here in Dorset you can’t enjoy a dessert without heaping piles of fresh locally made cream on it! Whether you’re enjoying a bite to eat in one of the region’s restaurants or tea rooms or whether you’re making your own treats using our recipes, make sure you add some cream for an incredible culinary experience! The cream here is much richer and, for want of a better phrase, creamier than anywhere else in the country, so it is an absolute must when browsing our dairy producers.

While you’re in Dorset why not mix things up a bit by trying some yoghurt made from sheep’s milk? You’ll find that some dairy producers specialise in more unusual milk products so make sure to sample some while you’re visiting.

You can even find recipes to make your own dishes using these fresh products by clicking here.

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