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Bulbarrow Lane, Winterborne Houghton, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 0PD, UK

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South Paddocks are a dynamic, family run smallholding in the heart of the winterbourne valley, offering farm visits, alpaca walking & experiences, pedigree pork, pedigree goat meat & free-range eggs for sale from the farm gate.
You can also find breeding & pet purchase stock available for sale from their pedigree Boer goats, rare breed pedigree Oxford Sandy & Black pigs and Huacaya alpacas.

They also offer catering services with their own hog roast & traditional jacket potato oven, which is available for functions & events.
Katie’s sausage rolls are legendary- and sell out fast at events and markets!

South Paddocks are proud members of the BBGS (British Boer Goat Society). All their stock- both male and female, are 100% Pedigree Boer, all Breeding stock is registered with the BBGS to ensure they meet breed standards, and their pedigree is fully traceable.
Their Rare Breed Pedigree Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs, also known as the ‘plum pudding pig’ – is one of the oldest British native breeds and is recognised by the RBST (Rare Breed Survival Trust). The breed has almost become extinct twice, but with strict breeding standards, conservation, and people eating pedigree pork- the breed is being supported and sustained. The breed is a slower to mature than traditional breeds which makes it tender and tasty!

There are two types of alpaca; the Huacaya that originate from the Andes Mountains and the Suri, from the plains of North America.
Here at South Paddocks they only keep Huacaya alpacas and have a mixture of breeding and non breeding animals in their herd. They also offer walking, and meet and greet experiences with their friendly alpacas at the farm.

The alpacas are sheared once a year and their beautiful fibre is used to make products which are sold from the farm, and sell the fibre direct to spinners to process into yarn. Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca fibre is hypoallergenic, lanolin free, stronger, softer, warmer and retains less water.
The fibre is super versatile and can be used as: natural nesting material for birds, bedding for pets such as hamsters gerbils rabbits etc, and as a natural slug repellent when placed around plants.

Nothing is wasted at the farm, so the 100% raw alpaca manure is great for the garden! Offering a more balanced nutritional content than any other livestock manure, it does not need to be aged or composted before use, and can be spread directly onto soil.

For more information about the full range of meats, alpaca walking experiences and products, head over to their website.

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