Strawberry mousse

Refreshing, fresh and totally delicious, this is the ultimate summer dessert.


250g strawberries
25g caster sugar
140g marshmallows
200ml double cream

Pick up fresh strawberries from farms and farmshops all over Dorset, for the very tastiest double cream, make sure to buy from one of these producers.


Start by putting the strawberries into a pan with 100ml cold water and the sugar. Cook over a medium heat for a couple of minutes or until they start to become mushy. Take off the heat and squash until pulpy.

Pour in the marshmallows and stir them into the hot strawberry mixture until they dissolve.

Leave this to the side.

In a large bowl, add the cream and whip until it starts to hold its shape. Fold the cool strawberry mic into the cream and then spoon into bowls and chill for 2 hours before serving.

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