tomatoes beside a spoon of tomato chutney

Autumnal tomato chutney

There are a whole host of wonderful chutney producers across Dorset but if you want to try your hand at making your own, why not give this autumnal tomato chutney a go? Unlike traditional tomato chutney recipes, this one isn’t overly sweet and you can use up a couple of those ingredients you have had hanging around!


1kg ripe tomatoes
750g cooking apples
375g muscovado sugar
250g onion
250g raisins
1 green pepper
2tsp salt
½ tsp ground ginger
350ml cider vinegar

You can find freshly grown tomatoes at farmers’ markets and farmshops all over the region, as well as cooking apples, pepper and onions if you don’t already have your own. There are also a number of producers in Dorset creating incredible cider vinegar for you to pick up.


Start off by preparing the ingredients, you’ll need to peel and chop the tomatoes, cooking apples, onions and pepper making sure to deseed the pepper and core the apple. Put these into a large pan with the sugar, raisins, salt, ginger and cider vinegar and bring the whole thing to the boil over a medium heat.

Keep stirring until the sugar has dissolved.

Continue to the boil the mixture, uncovered for around an hour until the fruit has thickened. Cool off and then transfer the mixture into jars. Seal them and then enjoy at your leisure!

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