From the traditional flavours to goats cheese, sheep’s cheese and more!

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Dorset is famous for its dairy products and the cheese is no exception. The most famous cheesy export is the Dorset Blue Vinny which is still handmade to this day.

Historic cheese

Dorset’s Blue Vinny cheese was once made all across the county until the outbreak of World War 2 caused production to stop for the first time in its 300 year history. It is now confined to just one farm, but you can find plenty of tasty products made from the best blue cheese at events and festivals all across the county.


The traditional Dorset Blue Vinny is a hard, crumbly cheese made with skimmed cow’s milk and is recommended to be served alongside a Dorset Knob, so make sure to pick up both to have the real experience when in the area.

Wide variety of flavours

It isn’t just the traditional blue cheese you can find in Dorset, there are a whole host of cheeses available – make sure to try cheese made from local cows, goats and even sheep. Sheep cheeses are often creamier than a traditional cheese due their milk having a higher fat content than cow’s milk. The variety of cheese made from sheep milk is growing and its becoming a much more popular alternative, so look out for some at the farmshops and markets around the region.

Goat’s cheese is another popular choice of cheese that you can sample while in Dorset. A number of farms specialising in products from goat’s milk can be found in the county and their cheeses are great for using in your cooking, why not take a look at our recipes page to get a few ideas!

Unlike cow’s cheese, goat’s cheese has a tart flavour that is characteristic to that specific type of cheese and softens rather than melts making it a good choice for using in cooking when you want the cheese to remain solid. While it isn’t quite as well-known as cow’s cheese, goat’s cheese is one of the oldest dairy products produced in the UK and with the wide variety of types and flavours available you have the perfect excuse to try them all!

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