National Picnic Week has been celebrated for over ten years and this year is no different. While you won’t be able to reach all your favourite picnic spots or meet up with all your friends, you can still enjoy your local green spaces with some tasty local food. You don’t even have to travel too far to enjoy a picnic, set yourself up in your garden or on a window sill. You can even enjoy a picnic on the floor of your kitchen!

The idea behind National Picnic Week is to encourage people to get outside and with plenty of prizes, tips and recipes available from the event’s organisers, it’s the perfect time for you to enjoy open space, good weather and better food. To help get you excited about National Picnic Week, here are our top picks of tasty treats to fill your baskets!

Why not check out some of our recipes and make your own?

Once you have your food sorted make sure to bring sustainable cutlery, paper plates, Tupperware and wooden or bamboo knives and forks are all great alternatives to plastic ones – though if you are going to use plastic cups, knives and forks, please take them with you!

National Picnic Week takes place between 22nd and 28th June. Head online to find out more about competitions and prizes as well as tips to make your picnic the best ever. Wherever you choose to have your picnic this National Picnic Week, just remember to leave the space as you found it!

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