When it comes to fish, the majority of us aren’t very adventurous, a plate of cod and chips or a tuna sandwich is the extent to our foray into fish. If you want to cast the net a little wider and enjoy a whole host of flavours from the sea, here’s a quick guide to some of the fish you can pick up locally and how to enjoy it.

Catch of the Day

The region is full of amazing fishmongers, including Weyfish and the Swanage Fish Company, who are happy to help advise you on the best fish for your menu and how to prepare and cook each dish.

Some popular fish include:

Is often described as being similar to salmon but with a much subtler flavour – it’s an oily fish, so full of nutrients and can be cooked in a variety of ways including baking, grilling and frying and it makes a great addition to pies and fish cakes.

This fish is a little like cod and has a pinkish tinge until cooked. Another good fish for those that like a bit of variety, hake is good poached, grilled and baked and goes well with a host of different flavours and spices.


If you want more omega 3 in your diet, mackerel is a great source. It has a meaty texture, making it ideal for those that haven’t had much experience with the taste and texture of fish. Mackerel doesn’t fall apart easily, so it’s great for grilling and frying and pairs well with both sour and sweet flavours.

Another good transition fish, Tuna steaks have a meaty texture, making them good as a starting point.

Sea Bass

This one is good for people who don’t have as much experience with seafood as it has a mild flavour that isn’t too fishy.

Don’t panic!

For some of us, the reason we avoid eating fish on the regular is because we’re worried about how to cook it. With some fish, it isn’t always obvious that it is cooked, which can lead us to overcook it, but most fish needs to be cooked quickly to avoid it drying out. If you can get the cooking right, you’ll find that fish is a wonderfully diverse ingredient. The beauty of it is that it is that by cooking it in different ways, you’ll get a whole new experience to each meal.

If you’re trying to stay healthy, fish is a great option, especially if you steam, bake or grill. Fish contains lots of natural oils, so you won’t need to add as much when cooking.

As we said, one of the big mistakes when cooking fish is overdoing it. It’s very easy to overcook fish and dry it out which ruins the flavour – why not give poaching a go? Poaching keeps the fish succulent and by quickly cooking you can really retain the flavour. Poach your fish in milk, start off by bringing the pan to a simmer before adding the fish, then continue to simmer for another 10 minutes – this works for a whole host of fish!

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