The freshest seafood caught in Dorset

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Dorset’s seafood is some of the best in the UK and you’ll find that many of the producers have won awards for the quality of their fresh fish and seafood.

Nothing fishy going on here…

Whether you are someone who wants to prepare your own fish dishes (head over to our recipes page to find some dinner inspiration) or you want to sample the delicious fresh seafood cooked to perfection at one of the region’s restaurants you’ll really be spoiled for choice with the amount of options available to you.


What could be better than sitting in a beautifully decorated restaurant over-looking the exact bay that your fish supper was caught in?
Or perhaps you’d rather go for the more traditional seaside fare of grabbing a portion of fish and chips and sitting on the beach watching the world go by, either way, you’ll be amazed by the quality of the seafood on offer.

Crabs, lobsters and more…

With the amount of rockpools around the Jurassic Coast, you can have a go at searching for your own crabs and crustaceans. Of course, we’d recommend leaving the actual catching and preparing to the professionals, but you can at least see for yourself just how much is available in the water around the coast. You’ll find plenty of crab and oysters that have been plucked straight from the water around Portland and Weymouth. Portland crab is some of the best in the UK and even in Europe, in fact, many of the crabs caught in this area are exported to the fine dining restaurants of France and elsewhere in Europe.

Fish on the go

You don’t need to set aside time for a sit down meal when it comes to eating fresh seafood from Dorset. While you’re exploring why not grab a bag of Billy Winters (for those of you not in the know, these are locally caught prawns from the West Bay area), they’re served freshly boiled in their shells and can be bought from various fishmongers in the coastal areas. If prawns aren’t your bag, you can also pick up a cup of local whelks sprinkled with salt and vinegar or pick up a freshly made crab sandwich. Just watch out for the seagulls who might stalk you around the area desperate for your food!

Dorset is full of fishmongers providing freshly caught fish, crab, mussels and other seafood to various eateries across the county as well as supplying you directly.

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