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On a hot day, there is nothing more refreshing than a freshly made lemonade or smoothie and when you want a bit of indulgence, who doesn’t want a monster milk shake complete with cream, chocolate sauce and served in a tall glass? If that sounds like it might be what you need to quench your thirst, read on to find out more about the soft drink producers you can find in Dorset.

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For a home-made soft drink created by using the very best in locally sourced ingredients, you don’t need to spend too much of your time searching. The cafes and tea rooms in the region have extensive menus full of smoothies made with fresh fruit, locally made bottled drinks like lemonade, ginger beer or elderflower cordial. These establishments also pride themselves on their range of milkshake options. Though milkshakes have always been synonymous with American diners, they have been becoming increasingly more fashionable as cafes and eateries compete with each other to create the biggest and most impressive milkshakes. Known as Freak Shakes, these drinks generally are full of the creamiest dairy, fresh flavourings, cakes, lashings of cream and are amazingly constructed. They are the perfect addition to your Instagram grid, so be sure to indulge in one when visiting one of the local cafes.

Tasty, healthy options

If you’re on a health kick or are detoxing and want to avoid alcohol and sugary drinks, choosing one of the locally produced soft drinks is a great option. These come in a variety of local flavours and being produced in the locality, are free from the additives and preserves that are commonly found in cordials, sodas and other fruit based drinks. Typically, these drinks are also bottled in region, so you can be sure that what you are drinking is not only the healthiest option but also sustainable.

Eco-friendly option

While it is always encouraged to take your own drinks with you and reuse bottles, picking up a locally produced soft drink is also a good option. Many of the bottles are made from recycled and recyclable materials and some farm shops and delis are happy to take back returned empty bottles to reuse them. The bottles are also typically made of glass, which are accepted in your usual recycling collection and is generally better for the world than plastic!

The drinks you’ll find below are all locally blended using natural spring water, fruit and veg made in the region and very little else.
When it comes to milkshakes and smoothies, these also make use of the region’s top quality dairy products including ice cream, cream and milk. Don’t worry if you are dairy free there are options for you too using nut milks and other plant based milks, many of which are also produced right here in Dorset.

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