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Who doesn’t love a glass of something fizzy and fruity? While you might not associate Dorset with being a top-quality producer of beverages, it, like its neighbouring West Country counties, has a formidable reputation for cider and ales and thanks to the unique climate of the region, is home to a number of vineyards producing incredible local wines.

So, fill your glass with some of the brilliant beverages from Dorset, there is everything to choose from, including unique ginger drinks and vodka, hand-crafted beer and cider, tea and coffee all blended or roasted depending on your individual tastes and award-winning soft drinks.


With its 8,000 year’s worth of farming heritage, it is little wonder that Dorset is home to some of the best produce and talented people turning that produce into incredible food and drink. With all the delightful food that can be easily picked up all over the county, you’re going to need something to help wash it down, lucky then that a trip to Dorset is a trip to one of the UK’s best wine and cider regions!

For those of you who like your craft ales, ciders and beers, you’ll be right at home here in Dorset.

Some of the best independent brewers in the UK can be found operating here combining traditional methods with the finest ingredients and a bit of modern flare to create some truly unique, thirst-quenching drinks. While you’re here be sure to seek out a Dorset Gold, trust us on that! For those of you who prefer fizz, there are loads of award-winning vineyards to be found all with their own signature wines. In fact, many of the wines produced here have won numerous international Gold Awards. All the more reason to make sure you sample as many of them as possible!

The best way to sample locally made drinks is to book a place on a vineyard or brewery tour, these day-long events will really give you an insight into how these drinks are made and you might even be lucky enough to try some! If you can’t get on a tour or you’re not in the region long enough, don’t worry, you won’t miss out. Many of Dorset’s pubs have the local brews on tap and you’ll find Dorset wines on the menus of several restaurants, plus you can always buy a few bottles here. Just remember to enjoy responsibly.

If you are a fan of a tipple or two, keep a lookout for the country fairs and food festivals being held all year round, where you’ll be able to pick up seasonal flavours and meet with the UK’s best independent brewers. Those with allergies can get in on this too, many producers specialise in vegan wines or gluten-free ales. Take a look at the range of free-from produce to find out more!

It isn’t just about the alcoholic drinks though…

Dorset is home to the popular Clipper Teas with their range of exciting tea brews, as well as local coffee producers and people making their own soft drinks, including juice and fizzy drinks from locally grown fruit. You’ll find everything from the best, crisp apple juice, to sweet lemonade blended with raspberries, strawberries and other seasonal fruits and berries. With all these incredible, home grown fruits, smoothie lovers will be in their element, cafés, tea rooms, restaurants, bars, stalls and more are eager to show off their fruity concoctions for a refreshing drink while you’re enjoying the sights.
Why not stop by for one of the increasingly popular giant milkshakes that are perfect, not only for Instagram, but also for quenching your thirst on a hot day? Created from creamy, locally produced milk from right here in Dorset and adorned with everything from sprinkles to doughnuts, these are the perfect treat for the whole family!

Take a look and discover more about local drink producers in Dorset.

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