The team at The Watercress Company are brushing down their DJs and posh frocks as their #watercress challenge, Grab it, Try it, Share it campaign has reached the finals of the 2020 Food & Drink Federation Awards for Campaign of the Year.

Left on tenterhooks until 4 February 2021 when the winners will be announced at a ceremony in London, they are justly proud to have reached the finals especially considering the calibre of the companies, brands and marketing budgets they are up against; The Watercress Company is punching well above its weight!

The other 6 finalists are

How have they managed to rub shoulders with so many massive brands? Well, over the last 12 months or so, The Watercress Company has been making gargantuan efforts to promote the health benefits of watercress to a wider audience.

Tom Amery, MD of The Watercress Company explains: “Traditionally the watercress consumer has been slightly older, more familiar with the scientific research that was published 15 to 20 years ago and which helped to communicate the health advantages of eating watercress, including the possible prevention of some cancers. These messages have not reached the next generation and so efforts to communicate with a younger audience, while not alienating the loyal older customers were needed.”

These efforts took several forms:

The soup trials have the genuine potential to be a real game changer for the NHS and provide a win-win situation for all. If the soup takes off and is adopted across the NHS, it will enable The Watercress Company to use 90,000kg of UK winter grown crop which might otherwise go to waste.  At the same time, the soup which can be made within the existing constraints of the daily meal budget provided to hospital catering staff, provides patients with real food rather than supplements, which will potentially save NHS Trusts money, and best of all the patients benefit from a nutrient-dense, tasty soup that is easy to eat and will aid their recovery.

Already stocked by Ocado under the name Wholegood Organic Watercress, other national distributors currently stocking bagged watercress are looking at listing the bunches in the coming months, while they’re also available direct from The Watercress Company and from selected grocers, butchers, farm shops and box schemes nationwide.

All that achieved in little over a year – phew! Surely this is work worthy of recognition and an award?  All will be revealed in February.

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