From 25th July until 2nd August, is a whole week dedicated to encouraging people to preserve their own food. Part of the week allows that those that are already creating preserves to share their skills with others, though of course, because of the continuing pandemic, this year, all the usual events are heading online.

The Stay at Home Jam Festival will include all the usual things you would expect from a traditional food festival but will run online with competitions and events for everyone, no matter their age or ability. Plus, there will be a Swapcrop running throughout the week, for those with additional preserves and a ‘Jampaign’ to get real, home grown jam back onto the menus of cafes and tea rooms across the UK.

In Dorset, we’re blessed with not only incredible produce to preserve, but a number of amazing companies doing just that providing you with the tastiest jams, sauces, chutneys, condiments and marmalades you can think of! And that’s not all, you can preserve a whole host of foods including vegetables, eggs and more by pickling them in a locally made oil or vinegar.

Find some of the best companies in Dorset offering preserves here.

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