Clipper Teas: A Dorset Delight

Once Upon a Teatime…

As the sun rises over the rolling hills of their tea gardens, we raise our cups to four decades of flavour, sustainability, community and Clipper Teas!

Founded in 1984, Clipper has been a beacon of natural goodness, bringing joy to tea lovers around the world. So, its tea-riffic to go on a nostalgic journey as we celebrate the 40th anniversary  – a milestone steeped in tradition, passion, and a whole lot of love for the leaf.

Did you know Clipper Tea’s story began in 1984, right in the heart of a cozy Dorset kitchen?

Imagine two chests of the finest-quality Assam tea, lovingly blended and sold to local health food shops and cafes. Little did they know that this humble beginning would blossom into something extraordinary.

From Kitchen to Factory: The Clipper Journey

Fast forward to today, and Clipper has become a global sensation. With over 150 different products gracing the shelves of more than 50 countries, Clipper Teas has truly made its mark. But fear not, dear tea lover – the magic still happens where it all started – in Beaminster, Dorset.

A picturesque town nestled in the rolling hills of Dorset, is home to Clipper’s factory. Here, the leaves dance to the rhythm of tradition and innovation, and the air is fragrant with the promise of a perfect cuppa

Meet the Head Blenders Extraordinaire

At Clipper Teas, the symphony of flavours is orchestrated by Clipper’s super tea heroes, Dan & James, who travel the world to collaborate with amazing growers from the best tea gardens in Africa, India, and Sri Lanka. Together, they source, select, and blend all the products. This unwavering commitment ensures that every Clipper cuppa is delicious, pure, and fair.

They take immense pride in their unique Clipper taste profiles, and each blend is meticulously crafted to be the epitome of quality.

Tea blending, much like alchemy, involves combining different teas from various origins to create something truly special. Just as wine reflects the soil and climate of its vineyard, tea inherits its unique characteristics from where it’s grown. So when you savour a cup of Clipper tea, you’re experiencing the result of their blenders’ expertise and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Fair, Natural, and Delicious

Clipper’s commitment to quality knows no bounds. From sourcing natural ingredients to championing fair trade practices, they’ve set the bar high.

And the result? Over a billion teabags a year, all lovingly crafted on-site in Beaminster.

So, fellow tea aficionados, next time you cradle that steaming cup or mug of Clipper goodness, remember the journey-from kitchen to factory, from leaves to lips. And as you sip, savour, and smile, know that you’re part of a tale spun with love and leaves.

Happy 40th anniversary, Clipper!

Thank you for four decades of delightful tea moments!



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