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Gin has been growing in popularity in recent years, so naturally, there are several distilleries in Dorset offering gin flavours created using locally grown ingredients.

Let’s be-gin

There are a number of delicious, award-winning gins created in Dorset offering a range of flavours ready to compliment a meal or just as a tipple with your friends. Whatever your preference, whether you’re a gin and tonic fan or a gin and lemonade or you want a straight gin on the rocks, you’ll find the right drink for you.


While gin might seem like a bit of a new trend, it has in fact been around Dorset for several years. Dorset’s first gin distillery popped up in Bournemouth and uses infusions from the local area including marsh samphire, elderberries and even journeying out to the New Forest to get the right ingredients for their drinks.

Inspiration from around the world

While Dorset’s gin distilleries use exclusively local ingredients to craft their stunning flavours, many of the drinks being made are inspired by the wider world. One distillery based in Poole spend their times creating beautiful flavours and aromas to remind drinkers of the Mediterranean out of Dorset grown flowers and herbs. You’ll find gins offering hints of citrus and more, with the gorgeous weather and views, you can easily convince yourself that you’re actually somewhere very far from the British coast.

Whether you want to be reminded of Europe, the Med or somewhere warmer, you’ll find it here. Even the most ardent anti-gin drinkers will find a flavour that will convert them!

The amount of beautiful local produce means that there will always be an incredible array of gin flavours around for you to sample. You’ll find everything from gins infused with red hibiscus flowers, blue butterfly pea flowers, mulberries, lavender and more.

Award-winning independence

You’ll find that many of the gins produced in this region have been given accolades from organisations from around the world. One of the most popular gin distilleries in the region hand crafts their gins in small batches and are regular winners of competitions. The fact that they are an independent micro distillery means that you are guaranteed a product that has been made carefully and with love.

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