bottles of black cow vodka with glasses of cocktails against a black and white background
bottles of black cow vodka with glasses of cocktails against a black and white background

Black Cow Vodka

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01308 868844

Childhay Lane, Beaminster DT8 3LQ, UK

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Black Cow is the only vodka made entirely from grass-grazed cows’ milk, which results in an exceptionally smooth vodka with a unique creamy character. Our Pure Milk Vodka™ is made at The Black Cow Distillery, located right in the heart of Childhay Manor organic farm, a 13th-century Manor set in the beautiful rolling countryside of West Dorset on the coast of South West England.

Dairy farmer, Jason Barber, who, together with Paul Archard, started Black Cow in 2012, recognised the potential in what was left over from the milk after making cheese. Inspired by tales of Mongolian conquests in more ways than one, the journey to producing the world’s smoothest vodka began.

Black Cow Vodka is now available around the UK in stores including Sainsbury and online at national retailers like Amazon and via our website. You can also find many of our vodka varieties at selected Greene King Pubs.

Our Pure Milk Vodka is available in a variety of sizes and as gift sets as well as other branded merchandise. For the summer, we have our Black Cow and English Strawberries vodka. With no added sugar or sweeteners, this strawberry vodka is flavoured naturally by locally sourced English strawberries. It is the must have drink during the warm summer months. Our original pure milk vodka is award winning and is made entirely from whey left over from cheese making. It is distilled and filtered through coconut shell charcoal to create an exceptionally smooth vodka.

Guests are welcome to visit our distillery and see just how our unique vodka is made, tours last around an hour and you get the chance to sample the vodka, plus a cocktail or two before a relaxing lunch at our kitchen! Want to recreate our incredible cocktails at home? Make sure to head to our website where you’ll find a whole host of recipes and tutorials.

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