bottle of shanty spirit on blue rope
bottle of shanty spirit on blue rope

Shanty Spirit

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100 Parkstone Avenue, Poole, Dorset BH14 9LS, UK

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Shanty Spirit create an evocative small batch Organic Botanical Vodka that offers you an experience like no other. The expertly crafted intricate blend of five hand-foraged, organic British seaweeds creates stunning undercurrents of Umami flavour. The subtle depth of flavour is then further enhanced by ripples of Wasabi, Galangal, Yuzu, Bergamot and a touch of Sea Buckthorn dancing on the surface.
Each Botanical is separately vacuum distilled to extract and retain the freshness that nature intended. Finally, to finish off, a pinch of Dorset sea salt is added to re-mineralise the purest of water with which the spirit is cut. Let your taste buds take the plunge and transport yourself directly to the water’s edge. The ingredients used when producing Shanty Spirit botanical vodkas are sustainably hand foraged and perfectly paired to create an unforgettable taste.

Shanty Spirit is the brainwave of Hugh, who having grown up in Dorset by the sea, has always felt the shoreline’s magnetic pull and has had a lifelong love affair with the British coastline. It is this love that led him to create a spirit that would connect everyone to the shore, no matter where they are. Over the last few years, Hugh and his team have been experimenting with a variety of seaweeds until they found the very best which is now used in the creation of their unique vodka.
Hugh spent 25 years working as a TV cameraman travelling the world while working on a series of food and drink programmes. He was introduced to the wonderful flavours of seaweed while working on a project with Roger Phillips, author of Wild Food. It was around the same time that he was introduced to the art of distilling, specifically gin, which led him to the idea of creating a botanical vodka.

Shanty Spirit isn’t your usual mass produced vodka, after hand picking the ingredients direct from the shore, the team take each individual botanical and distil them in organic British grain to extract the freshest flavours. The essences are then blended by hand and added into the remaining grain spirit before being cut down to 40% ABV using the purest water and sea salt collected in Dorset.
It isn’t just the vodka itself that is inspired by Dorset and uses the local produce to create something truly unique and beautiful. Every bottle of Shanty Spirit is reminiscent of a ship’s decanter and the artwork on each one is created by local Dorset-based artist, Emma Brownjohn. The design has been created to wrap around the bottle so when it is viewed from the front it gives the illusion of being underwater, while examining it from all angles will give you a different image each time with the “Spirit of the Sea” right in the centre. As the design becomes part of the bottle itself as it is fired in a kiln, the whole bottle is recyclable and can be used again and again, or sent back to Shanty for a refill.

As well as being a drink that can be enjoyed as a sipping vodka or on the rocks, Shanty Seaweed Botanical Vodka breathes new life and adds delicious dimensions to old classics as well as getting the creative juices flowing for new cocktail ideas, for more information head to their website,, to see a host of interesting recipes to create some tantalising tipples. It also pairs beautifully with seafood, making it the prefect drink for dining in Dorset.

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