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Did you know that nutritionists recommend that we eat two portions of fish a week? One of which should be an oily variety? That can be quite a challenge, not everyone likes seafood – mostly because they don’t know how to cook it properly and there is a misconception that fish is expensive. While it is true that buying from sustainable sources will have a higher price tag, it is the only way to ensure that you are eating good quality food and that it will continue to be available for years to come.

So, how can we be sure that the fish we are eating is sustainable without breaking the bank?

1 – look out for the Blue MSC or Green ASC logos
This is the best way to check that you are buying from someone who can trace the fish back to where it was caught and that they are involved in restocking programmes.

2 – vary your diet
In Britain, we are pretty set in our ways when it comes to fish, most places will serve the same fish dishes which in turn puts pressure on those fish. The most popular choices here are cod, haddock, salmon, tuna and prawns, but there are a host of flavoursome fish out there, so rather than going for the same thing each time, pick something new.

3 – do your research
It is easy to head to the supermarket to grab some fish from the counter, but you can’t always be sure of its sustainability. Instead use local fishmongers, many of whom are supplied by local mariners. You can always head online and check the latest sustainability information with the Marine Conservation’s Good Fish Guide.

There is a common misconception that fish is expensive and you will find that some varieties will have a higher price than others. However, you can still enjoy sustainable fish without having to stretch your budget. Local fishmongers are always happy to help when it comes to choosing the right cuts and portion sizes and some fishmongers will offer frozen options too, which will also be cheaper.

Find our member fishmongers here.

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