Everything you need to know about berries

It’s the summer time which means it is berry season! With cherries and strawberries in full swing and blackberries on the way in the next few weeks, now is the perfect time to add some of these sweet and juicy treats into your life. Whether you want to add them to your drinks, bake with them or have them on hand as a healthy sweet alternative, here is everything you need to know about berries.

Know your berries

Best in late summer, raspberries are sweet and full of texture, They’re made up of around 100 small drupelets that grow around a core and are a great addition to pastries, cakes, cheesecakes and in drinks.

Perhaps the largest of the berries we’ll be talking about today, these just scream summer. They have a light, sweet taste and are delightful in a simple dessert with just a bit of ice cream, or for a true taste sensation, roast them with a little balsamic vinegar and thank us later!

These smaller berries have a much sharper taste, which makes them good for adding into desserts or fruit salads as they balance out the sweeter flavours. They only have a short season though, so get them while you can!

Great in sweet bakes as well as with tangy cheeses and as an addition to your porridge or cereal for breakfast, they are a delight to add to your diet during the summer.

You’ll start to spot these growing in the later part of summer and pair well with both summer and autumn fruits. They have a rich and tart flavour which is good for adding to sauces, like a red wine gravy or for complimenting an apple in a pie or crumble.

Depending on the variety will depend on the taste, some are sour, some are sweet, some are juicy – all cherries pair well with cream and chocolate making them great for adding to desserts.

How to store

Now you know more about the berries available at this time of year, learn about how to keep them fresher for longer by storing them properly. Many strawberries and raspberries end up being thrown away because they are simply not stored properly. For the best flavour, keep them in their original packaging or the bag in which you brought them home. Store them in the fridge and only bring them back to room temperature when you’re ready to eat them.

Before eating, give them a rinse under cold water and pat dry to keep them firm. With raspberries and blackberries which are a little more delicate, try popping them in a bowl of water and then pat dry carefully rather than rinsing.

Now you’re ready to either eat them raw or use them in some baking or other ingredients. Find out how best to use berries in cakes, savoury dishes and drinks here.

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